The primary reason why one would choose solid wood over veneer, MDF, fiberboard, pressboard, plywood, and other non-solid wood is the ability to refinish and restore solid wood furniture, quality that is repairable. Other reasons could include strength, durability, aesthetics, authenticity, handcraftsmanship.

To the right, is a before and after photo of a restoration. The tansu cabinet survived a Japanese bombing in the possession of the owners mother. But the tansu was attacked by the owners Irish Setter dog: scratched on all sides, then slammed forward, shattering the wood sliding doors. After restoration by an experienced professional at the Rosewood House, the grain was revealed even more illustrious, better than before the attack.

Above: Before restoration

A refinishers observations: During restoration it was determined the tansu was refinished at least once in its lifetime, executed poorly due to inexperience with real wood, and thus the refinishing had stripped the piece of its identity, stain and covering the grain, the very appeal of this Japanese tansu cabinet.

Below: After restoration