Guanyin's appeal is universal in Asian cultures, each with its own manifestation:

Chinese: Guanyin
Hong Kong: Kwun Yum
India: Avalokitesvara
Indonesia: Dewi Kwan Im
Japanese: Kannon
Korean: Gwan-eum
Thai: Kuan Eim
Tibetan: Tara
Vietnamese: Quan Am

Guanyin Goddess of Mercy


The Bodhisattva, Guanyin, is a source of unconditional love and salvation. Seen in a female form of a mother figure, since the 12th century, Guanyin represents everything a loving mother is to a child.

- The act, thought and feeling of compassion and love is viewed as Guanyin.

- A merciful, compassionate, loving individual is said to be Guanyin .

- A meditative contemplative state of being at peace with oneself and others is seen as Guanyin .

Among modern traders and merchants, Guanyin is looked upon as a Goddess of Luck and Fortune.