Chinese Furniture's Cultural Influence in Art, Life, and You: Rare, refined, sophisticated works of aesthetic quality and craftsmanship. The late Ming dynasty through early Qing dynasty China was society as its pinnacle, the forming climax of classical furniture. Classical refers more to a style or an aesthetic taste rather than a particular time period. Woodworking tradition and availability of hardwoods allowed for a market and appreciation of fine woodworking. Society's economic prowess elevated fine furniture to status symbol emulating the official's classes - the literati scholar-bureaucrats of imperial China. Precise wood joinery, organic lines, balanced proportion, these traits inspire everything today, from modernism, minimalism, Bauhaus, European, Mid-Century, to Arts & Crafts. "Form follows function” and "less is more" are romantic observations of Chinese furniture, an opportunity to experience an artist craftsman’s interpretation of the good life.