A customer declared, "Rosewood House means so much to me; an inspiration,it allows me to look deeper into things that matter most!" It has been a primary importance to serve the Rosewood House customer, a collective that exceeds ten thousand over the span of four decades.

This look book creates a visual landscape of the collection designed, created, curated, shared and distributed through the Rosewood House. By Western interpretation, traditional Asian furniture, art and culture is taken to a new level of modern expressionism:

- Discover new meaning to cultural objects
- Bonds between the East and the West
- Evolution in style, tastes, aesthetics and human desire
- Contradictions between traditional craft and mass-production
- Symbolism in Asian motifs
- The past and the present
- Distinction between old and new
- Viewpoint from authority of authenticity
- Featuring over 400 pages & 1,300 images.