Oakland Inspiration

Jane Tai, Founder of Rosewood House
by Pat McHenry Sullivan

First in a series of features on Oakland business owners and changemakers who exhibit creative inspiration backed by effective action.

In her 33 years as proprietor of Rosewood House, Jane Tai has seen a lot of businesses and trends come and go. she has flourished by sticking to her basic mission: to provide top quality, custom-designed solid-wood, handmade furniture in which the beauty of Asian art meets modern proportions and comfort.

As one of Rosewood House's 5-star reviewers put it: "This place is amazing. Once I looked at each item separately, it sunk in how unique everything is there. ...The pieces don't scream out 'Asian' and could hold their own in so many different looks. I'm thrilled with my purchase and was impressed by the prices."

That's just the kind of review Jane Tai appreciates, for she designed many of the pieces herself with an eye for how Asian art and furnishings fit best in a California home. Often, when she delivers pieces, she rolls up her sleeves and help the owners move around the furniture to create optimal balance.

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