What's in the future for Jane Tai and Rosewood House? Personally, Jane wants more time to do volunteer work. As a businesswoman, she is concerned about how it's harder to get resewood, and that most teak today is veneer, not solid wood. But she keeps up her relationships with Asian artists and craftspeople so she can continue to provide top quality in a constantly evolving market.

What could any business owner or chagemaker learn from Jane Tai's story? First, there's the power of a dream. Second, there's the reality that it takes a lot of hard works and guts to fulfull any dream, especially during tough times. Third, there's the constant willingness to adapt.

Jane Tai learned ancient calligraphy in her native Taiwan. As a designer, she works by hand, but her sons are brilliant at turning conceptual hand drawings into 3D modeled computer-aided drafting. It all adds up to a beautiful blend: ancient arts, new technology; ancient design inspiration, new focus on comfort. So far it works well.

Pat Sullivan: visionary-resources.com
Jane Tai: janetai.com